Prof. Sebastian Schwenen, PhD

Working Papers

Renewable Auctions: Bidding for Real-Options (with David Matthäus and David Wozabal), under review.

Fighting Climate Change with Disclosure? The Real Effects of Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Emission Disclosure  (with Benedikt Downar, Jürgen Ernstberger, Hannes Rettenbacher, and Aleksandar Zaklan), under review.

Technology Policy and Market Structure: Evidence from the Power Sector (with Moritz Bohland), under review.

Real-time Pricing in Power Markets: Who gains? (with Anette Boom)

Statistical Learning in Two-Stage Demand Estimation (with Vadim Gorski)

Hedging Stochastic Production in Electricity Markets (with Karsten Neuhoff)

Renewable Auctions: Bidding for Real-Options (with David Matthäus and David Wozabal)


Financial Contracts as Coordination Device, with Chloé le Coq, forthcoming in Journal of Economics & Management Strategy.

Pricing and capacity provision in electricity markets: an experimental studywith Chloé le Coq and Henrik Orzen. Journal of Regulatory Economics, 51(2), 123-158, 2017.

Power markets with renewables: New perspectives for the European Target Modelwith Karsten Neuhoff and Sophia Wolter. The Energy Journal, 37, 2016. 

Strategic bidding in multi‐unit auctions with capacity constrained bidders: the New York capacity market. The RAND Journal of Economics, 46(4), 730-750, 2015.

Market design and supply security in imperfect power markets. Energy Economics, 43, 256-263, 2014.

A post-2020 EU energy technology policy: Revisiting the strategic energy technology plan, with Sophia Ruester, Matthias Finger, and Jean-Michel Glachant. Energy Policy, 66, 209-217, 2014.

From distribution networks to smart distribution systems: Rethinking the regulation of European electricity DSOs, with Sophia Ruester, Carlos Batlle, and Ignacio Perez-Arriaga. Utilities Policy (31), 229-237, 2014.

A strategic energy technology policy towards 2050: no-regret strategies for European technology push, with Sophia Ruester, Matthias Finger, and Jean-Michel Glachant. International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy, 9(2), 160-174, 2013.

Invited Contributions, Policy Reports, Book Reviews

Gas and the electrification of heating & transport: scenarios for 2050, with José Luis Moraga, Chloé Le Coq, and Machiel Mulder. CERRE Policy Paper, 2018.

Challenges for natural gas in the context of the Energy Union, with Chloé Le Coq. CERRE Policy Paper, 2018.

A coordinated strategic reserve to safeguard the European energy transition, with Karsten Neuhoff, Jochen Diekmann, Friedrich Kunz, Sophia Rüster, and Wolf-Peter Schill. Utilities Policy, 41, 252-263, 2016.

The declining value of peak forward contracts, with Karsten Neuhoff. IAEE Energy Forum (First Quarter), 2014.

Book review of "Capacity Mechanism in the EU Energy Market: Law, Policy, and Economics". Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, Vol.5 (2), 2016.