The Center for Energy Markets

at TUM School of Management

Energy markets are at the heart of one of the biggest societal challenges of our time - creating a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy provision. The Center for Energy Markets brings together economics, finance and engineering approaches to offer applied research contributions to topical real-world energy sector questions.
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Our vision is a global energy transition being supported with research and education.


Our academic mission is to contribute to this goal by

... Advancing the understanding of future energy industries and markets

... Bringing together economics, finance, and engineering to tackle real-world energy challenges



Challenges in Energy Markets I/II

The lectures "Challenges in Energy Markets I/II" will NOT be offered in the Winter Term 2017/2018. Please check back in the summer term.


New project study - Forecasting FCR in Germany with Coulomb GmbH

Coulomb GmbH and The Mobility House GmbH jointly operate a pool of stationary battery...[mehr]


Vacant student assistant position at CEM

CEM invites applications for a Research Assistant (Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft, 3 hours a week). Tasks and responsibilities include data and literature screening tasks, management of the CEM website and the administration of workshops or events held at CEM.[mehr]


"Electric mobility - mobility of the future?"

The 8th energy policy workshop at ifo institute on the 6th of July deals with the potentials of electric mobility. What will be the mobility of the future? Will it be electric or will be electric mobility just one alternative among many?[mehr]


Master Thesis: An Analysis of Errors in Forecasts for Energy Prices

Energy prices are highly volatile and future price developments are notoriously hard to predict. Nevertheless, since energy prices are an important cost component for many companies there exist a range of long-term forecasts of prices for energy commodities supplied by...[mehr]


New vacant student assistant position at CEM

There is a new vacant student assistant position at the Center for Energy Markets. For more informations, see the detailed description. We are looking forward to your applications under[mehr]


Registration for the course "Empirical Research in Energy Markets" is now open

More information can be found at TUMonline.[mehr]


Master's thesis at SWM

The SWM is offering Master's thesis "Community-Geschäftsmodelle für Prosumer". Click here for further details.[mehr]


Project Study: Designing Optimal Fee Structure Models for Energy Hedge Funds

Setting up fee structures for hedge fund managers that align the interests of hedge fund manager and the investor and are acceptable for both parties is a challenging task. Energy hedge funds trading power, oil, gas, and coal operate in a volatile environment and are often...[mehr]


New lecture in summer term: "Modelling and Optimization in Energy Markets"

In summer term 16/17, Center for Energy Markets is offering the lecture "Modelling and Optimization in Energy Markets". You can find more details here.[mehr]