The Center for Energy Markets

at TUM School of Management

Energy markets are at the heart of one of the biggest societal challenges of our time - creating a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy provision. The Center for Energy Markets brings together economics, finance and engineering approaches to offer applied research contributions to topical real-world energy sector questions.
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Our vision is a global energy transition being supported with research and education.


Our academic mission is to contribute to this goal by

... Advancing the understanding of future energy industries and markets

... Bringing together economics, finance, and engineering to tackle real-world energy challenges



Project Study: Speeding-up of Linear Programs Solving on GPU

Linear Programs (LPs) appear in a large number of applications and efficiently solving them is essential. While solution algorithms for LPs cannot easily be parallelized, recent studies suggest that GPUs still can offer a significant performance boost, especially in cases where...[mehr]


Exam review - Challenges in Energy Markets I

The exam review in "Challenges in Energy Markets I" will take place on 25th of April, 10:00 am - 11:00 am, in room 3540, building 0505, central campus. Please register with Adriana Kiszka ( in advance. Please bring your student ID card,...[mehr]


Exam review - Energy Trading

The exam review in "Energy Trading" will take place on 25th of April, 09:00 am - 10:00 am, in room 3540, building 0505, central campus. Please register with Adriana Kiszka ( in advance. Please bring your student ID card, otherwise you are...[mehr]


Lecture in the upcoming summer term 2017: "Stochastic Optimization" - information is now online

The lecture "Stochastic Optimization" provides an introduction to the topic of stochastic optimization. Students will learn about the underlying concepts and the theory of stochastic optimization as well as algorithmic solution techniques.[mehr]


Exam review in Energy Economics

The exam review in Energy Economics will be held on Wednesday, 26th of April, from 09:00 to 11:00 in room 3540.


"Europe must reform gas sector or miss out"

This is the key finding of a project report on "Challenges for Natural Gas in the Context of the Energy Union" by Prof. Dr. Schwenen and Dr. Le Coq (Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics). In their report they find that current regulation, market design and...[mehr]


Master Thesis: Modelling balancing prices in the German Electricity Balancing Market

SWM is one of the biggest power supply companies running a virtual power plant and marketing its output on different energy markets, including the day-ahead market. In order to market the virtual power plant efficiently, SWM needs a precise forecast of the output the virtual...[mehr]


Master Thesis: Marginal Production Costs of Electricity Generating Plants

Prices on electricity markets are determined by a (largely) inelastic demand and a supply side consisting of production capacities from different technologies. Consequently, using standard assumptions, the price on electricity markets should equal the marginal production cost...[mehr]


Vacant position of a Student Research Assistant at the Ifo Center for Energy, Climate and Exhaustible Resources

The Ifo Center for Energy, Climate and Exhaustible Resources has an immediate vacancy for a Student Research Assistant to assist with a research project in the field of energy economics/energy policy. [mehr]


Take action on climate change through entrepreneurship - join the Climate-KIC Journey

The Climate-KIC Journey is Europe’s largest summer school for climate innovation and entrepreneurship. It offers a unique combination of climate knowledge and hands-on business experience.[mehr]