ERS Courses

Education must be a key part of any strategy to imbue future entrepreneurs and business leaders with an appreciation for the ERS dimension of their work. As part of the School’s ERS strategy, we developed a range of curricula that raise awareness among our students aware for topics of responsible management, ethics, and sustainability, and provides the necessary toolkit for students to become responsible future leaders who can successfully straddle economic, ecological, and moral constraints. The following programs offered by the various chairs of the TUM School of Management, inculcate ERS objectives into their study curriculum.



The School of Management offers a range of courses on ERS-related topics and research approaches. The following table provides as a small snapshot of popular ERS-related courses.


Snapshot of ERS Courses offered by TUM School of Management
Title Language of Instruction Academic Year Lecturers Course Type ECTS 
Market Law & Ethics
-- Mandatory
Value-based Management English 14S; 15S; Gunther Friedl Elective 6
Forest and Environment Policy German 14W; 15W Michael Suda Mandatory 5
Corporate Sustainability English, German 14S; 15S; Roxana Codita, Stefan Huckemann Elective 6
Human Values and Household Wellbeing English16WJutta RoosenElective6
Introduction to Business EthicsGerman14W; 15W; 16WChristoph Lütge/ Mathias UhlElective6
Responsible Governance in Science, Technology, and InnovationEnglish16WSebastian PfotenhauerElective6
Introduction to Forestry Business Administration German 14W; 15W Martin Moog Mandatory 5
Foundations of Entrepreneurial and Ethical Business English 14W; 15W Christoph Lütge / Holger Patzelt Mandatory 6
Management Science German 14W; 15W Rainer Kolisch Mandatory 6
Applied Strategy and Organization (Strategy facing global competition)   English, German 14S; 14W; 15S; 15W Rupert Stadler Elective 6
Managing Growth and Value Creation (EMBA IBC) English -- Mandatory -
Innovation, Society, and Public Policy English 15W Sebastian Pfotenhauer Elective 6
Leadership and Cooperation (EMBA) English -- Mandatory -
Sustainability Marketing and Sustainable Consumption English 15S Frank-Martin Belz Elective 5


 For a complete list of courses related to Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability, please click here.


In the years 2014 and 2015, the TUM School of Management offered a total of 56 different ERS relevant courses, many of which were offered in all four semesters. In 2014, 43 ERS courses with a total of 196 ECTS points were offered. In the year 2015, the number of ERS courses was increased to 48 with a total of 227 ECTS points. Some of the vital statistics are summarized in the table below.


ERS related Courses offered at TUM School of Management
ERS courses4350
Mandatory ERS Courses7 (40 ECTS)6 (36 ECTS)
Elective ERS Courses36 (156 ECTS)44 (197 ECTS)
Total ECTS Points196 ECTS233 ECTS