ERS Research

As a School, we are driven by the passion to contribute with our research to solutions for the grand societal challenges of our time, such as climate change, the digital transformations, sprawling urbanization, or food and energy security. We have a strong and internationally recognized footprint of research and promote research in these domains, as well as in responsible management practices. In the period from 2014 – 2015, researchers at the School published 67 papers in peer-reviewed journals. More than half of these papers had some kind responsible management, ethics, or sustainability focus, underscoring the central role ERS plays in the School’s research identity. To quantify our ERS research activities, we purposefully modified its university-internal publication management platform to keep track of ERS relevant publications by faculty members.

Part of our goal is to facilitate research that makes business processes more environmentally friendly and therefore more sustainable, as discussed in the below examples. Moreover, we actively engage in research on responsible leadership and ethical business practices. Our researchers reach out to companies to transfer the know-how created at the university and thereby aim to have a positive impact on processes in the industry and the mindsets of decision makers. Another pillar of our approach to foster ERS research is interdisciplinarity, which we encourage in accordance with its strategic position on the interface between business and technology.



In the domain of research, we have laid a large emphasis on publishing ERS relevant research papers in refereed journals. In the year 2014 and 2015, 37 out of the 67 total published papers in journals and conferences were on ERS relevant topics. In the year 2014, 40.62% of the papers were ERS relevant and in 2015, the figure rose to 68.57%. In the year 2015, out of the 7 papers of TUM School of Management, which were published in a Financial Times Top 50 journal, 4 treated ERS relevant topics.  In 2014, 9 members of core faculty authored ERS relevant papers. In 2015, the ERS papers were authored by 10 members of the core faculty. The tables below highlight the key statistics of the same.


Statistics on Publications in Refereed Journals
YearERS Relevant PapersERS papers published in FT50Faculty members publishing ERS Papers





List of ERS Publications

Publications of the various departments of the TUM School of Managment, in the academic years of 2014, 2015 and 2016, which are relevant to Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability are highlighted in the list below. These include articles in various peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

Papers in Refereed Journals